Join with the people, who are the pillars of support and with whom, anything is just about possible.


We are quite an informal group of talent, who believe that strict protocols stifle the creativity. Importance is given to the quality of work and the adherence to time. We have certain expectations that form the qualities of our products.

We Are Hiring! Join and Grow With us!

We grow with new talent and we look forward to training as well as making you all a part of our family, where automation is the encompassing factor. Our team of experts needs support as our organization is growing. We always look forward to welcoming fresh faces on the horizon and here are the posts we have for grabs.

Embedded Hardware Engineer New

Role:                  Involve deeply with the design and implementation. Responsible for hardware design, certification and product release. Participate actively in product design review, solve issues and provide optimal solutions to the production team and ensure smooth flow of process.

Requirements:  ARM/MIPS/Power PC based SoC, Hardware design, Component identification, schematic layout testing, and problem solving ability



Automation Engineer

Role:                  To simulate and test automated machinery and processes. Responsible for design specifications and detailed documentation of their creation

Requirements:  Good technical skills, automation skills, basics of electrical and electronics.



Embedded Developer

Role:                   Design, develop code, test and debug system software. Integrate and validate new product designs. Provide post production support. Assess third party and open source software

Requirements:  VC++ and MFC programming with good knowledge in industrial automation.



Embedded Test Engineers

Role:                  Review and test requirements and specifications. Perform system and functional tests. Develop and execute automated tests using scripting language

Requirements:  Development skills in C++ and C. Expertise in one scripting language (Python), Instruments handling knowledge, knowledge on debugging tools like GDB and JTAG, experience working with automated testing frameworks.



Embedded Systems Developer

Role:                  Develop embedded software designs for various applications to meet the client’s specifications. Collaborate with operations department to set up manufacturing and purchasing.

Requirements:  Knowledge in Languages(C, C++), OS (Linux), development environment (CCS/IAR Workbench/ KEIL/ AVR Studio), microcontroller (8051/AT mega/ARM microcontroller), RTOS, power supply designing.



Principal Firmware Engineer

Role:                  Work closely with Principal/Senior Firmware, Software and Hardware engineers in developing embedded firmware for platform specific functions. Design, implement and conduct unit testing of firmware modules written in C++.

Requirements:  Experience in firmware development, certification of products, development/ porting/ integrating/ optimizing /maintenance of components like boot loaders, kernels, device drivers, libraries, HAL etc., for multicore and multiprocessing systems.



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