Embedded Product Design

Redcorp has adequate experience in designing and developing embedded systems like data acquisition & control systems for automation. To offer product design services for products with complex end user requirements, we have a talented team with expertise in system engineering and hardware software co-ordination along with good domain engineering. The technology offering is based on strong skills in digital, analog and mixed-signal hardware design, FPGA based design enablement and high performance embedded firmware development all of which is complimented with deep system engineering skills.

We design circuits, develop firmware, build prototypes, perform system level testing for embedded systems. We can help you develop an embedded product by offering end-to-end services, or provide specialized consulting and support services in any specific area of the development cycle. With us, our clients can enjoy some of the benefits:

      Support at each step of service
      Product Reengineering
      Amalgamating the product parts
      Compliance to regulations
      Prototyping the product

Data Acquisition with Microcontrollers

The team at Redcorp has used the powerful tools like Microchip PIC (30F, 24F, 18F and 16F) series, and Atmel AVR (Atmega 123) series microcontrollers to develop cost effective embedded solutions and has strong design expertise in these platforms.

Digital Signal Processing

We can design the complete hardware for the embedded system in-house. It offers Firmware development services using tools such as Code Composer Studio (CCS). Our pre-developed board support library for Video port capture and display helps us to quickly build embedded products.

Field Programmable Gate Array

The team has design experience with different FPGA platforms and in using Verilog for FPGA HDL coding. We can design the complete embedded system hardware in-house and develop application programs using FPGA IDE’s.