Embedded System Sotware Developement

One of our core experiences has been in the development of customized software solutions for embedded systems.Through IPs, we develop embedded middleware, rich applications, and interactive GUIs for consumer electronics, computer peripherals and telecom products. With an excellent team of experts, their expertise and the required tools, Redcorp offers services across all the layers of software required to build complete solutions around chipsets/platforms.

Our embedded systems group comprises of a large and talented pool of embedded software engineers/developers who are competent in a wide range of programming tools, microprocessors and real-time operating systems. Our custom software development solutions help clients to experience best in class embedded software engineering services. From the initial needs analysis to de-bugging to final system testing, verification and support – Redcorp works closely with customers to accomplish the desired goals and exceed expectations.

Some of the most common fields in which we have seen a demand for embedded softwares are:

       Software application development
       Device driver software
       Software testing
       Boot loader

System Developement

Redcorp supports its customers in design of system architecture for complex controls. Our team extensive experience, underpinned with regular training, ensures that our customers obtain methodological and domain-specific knowledge necessary to enable concrete design decisions to be made.

Function Developement

The Company has broad expertise and experience in the control engineering tasks in different sectors. The focus on function development is the definition of logical requirements, modeling the characteristics of the physical and control system and its implementation in robust software.

Function Safety

Functional safety is a concept applicable across all industry sectors. It enables the use of complex technology in safety-related systems. It provides the certainty of safety-related system and offers the necessary risk reduction to achieve the safety level requirement for the device.