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    Our Security Systems
    Make You Secure
    Anytime and Anywhere
    Choose from a wide range of automation products to safeguard your home
    when you are there and especially when you are not there.
    We connect your home controls to your mobile devices with a touch and swipe
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    Automation Is The
    Synonym For Easy
    We provide solutions for home as well as work spaces with a wide variety of
    security systems like energy control, lighting, surveillance, security and access control
    to monitoring the electrical devices acting as the invisible caretaker in your absence.
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    Redcorp Gives the Earliest Red Alert
    Redcorp is a full service Security systems manufacturer specializing in providing, installing
    and servicing correctional and other types of electronic control and monitoring systems.

Featured Products

Redcorp has been on a manufacturing spree! Here are some of our top notch devices that have been specially designed and created to solve day to day issues. These wonder machines basically save a lot of time and energy.

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