Product Upgradation

Redcorp offers a unique service that upgrades existing embedded products to support market needs as well as supplier needs. We achieve this by leveraging our understanding of product architecture and expertise across multiple technologies and platforms.

We have created a step by step process for this service:

      Understanding the existing system
      Charting out its technical specification
      Understanding the customer’s exact requirements
      Conducting feasibility study
      Perform modifications

Guided Option

Wizard based interface that will give timely alerts for your current setup and upgrade version being ordered and based on that, it will suggest the upgrade type you need to order.

Manual Upgrade Request

Finding this version much too older and can’t wait to upgrade it? You can now submit request for manual order. We process it immediately and send you the response mail suggesting further actions.

Enhanced Error Handling

The error messages displayed will tell you the exact cause of the error clearly. Will also suggest what action you need to take if you need to go to some specific page or send email.