Right from the time robotic technology was created; there have been many useful inventions from the field that ranges from handling robots to handheld robots. This being the way of life today, Redcorp made a brave venture into this field by first equipping itself with the required knowledge as well as constantly updating itself of the latest improvements made.

Our innovative technology, integrated solutions, turn-key systems and robotized cells, supported by highly qualified systems integrators, can help businesses in the automotive industry, among others, to be more competitive in today's increasingly fast-paced markets. Technologically advanced, reliable, flexible, and specifically tailored to our customers’ goals, our SMART robotized solutions guarantee optimal performance in several industrial sectors.

Our services include the complete process of the project life cycle from idea to implementation: design, development, manufacture, establishment and technical assistance as well as the overall management.Each client is unique and is their requirement. We have developed robotic solutions for different applications like

      Security management
      Inspection and maintenance
      Material handling

Robotics Consulting

The Redcorp Consulting team is at your side from the very first step of the journey to an optimal, customized automation solution, with services ranging from conceptual design, analysis and simulation of your application to practical robot selection and integration.

Software Maintainance

Application-specific programming of robots demands custom work to be done. The team makes this possible; with scalable software solutions and the development of specific program commands, plug-ins or complete program packages and delivers the set up with a user manual.

After-sales Support

The satisfaction of our customers is always at the top of our Robotics strategy. Prompt and flexible after-sales service close to customers throughout the life cycle of their equipment. These services allow the customer to maximize the performance of our robots.